Monday, December 12, 2011

Source Code

I have added a little "Easter Egg" to the blog title picture. If interested, here is more information about the ill-fated ship in the photograph. The final, violent end is here.

Suddenly, I want to knock out Billy Mitchell. Since he's not available currently, please accept this gratuitious painting of the USS Arkansas instead (click to see entire piece).


  1. Thanks for the update, I never had figured out which one it was (too lazy)... :-)

  2. "painting of the USS Arkansas" Um, I haven't been able to click on anything to see it. What am I missing?

    The info on the Alabama was...depressing. I know it's just a ship but, still, to be cut up for scrap.

    You write "warfair"; do you mean "warfare", or is this a play on words?

    Thanks for your writing. Stay safe.

  3. NFO, without knowing at least a little about the picture to begin with, it would be hard to track. (Unless you've seen enough WP explosions to recognize it.)

    Robert, I'm posting from Afghanistan by way of Germany, so some things may get scrambled along the way. Here is a direct URL:

    I do agree it's depressing, even if I may reluctantly also agree that it might have been necessary.

    I wish I could say I was being clever with the subtitle, but no such luck. Thanks for catching that. I'll keep my head down. Heard we had a suicide bomber at the gate this week...