Monday, July 26, 2010

Practical Survival- skin wipes

Some segment of the population could be described as survivalists.  These folks tend to fall into two groups.  One group is made up of hippie survivalist environmental types.  They want to "go green", coexist with nature, and make as little negative impact on the world as possible.  The other group is the gun owners.  They want to control their environment.  These are of course generalizations, and like all generalizations, will not always be true.

What some with a survivalist mentality forget is the importance of daily well-being.  While it's great to be prepared when The Great Zombie Robot Bear Apocalypse happens, the things that help us live better on a daily basis also will help us survive better.  Skin wipes are high on my "daily well-being" list.

I first grew to appreciate skin wipes when I was working long hours securing remote sites years ago.  I grew to appreciate them even more when I became an infantryman, and spent a lot of time in the field training.  Field hygiene is VERY important.  Under the stress of field or even worse, battlefield conditions, staying clean is even more important than usual.  Our skin is our first layer of defense, and keeping it clean in the dirt of the field is vital to helping prevent the sicknesses that have usually killed more during wartime than enemy action.

Skin wipes are handy in the field because they take less space and weight than soap and washcloth and the water necessary to wash.  They are also quicker than first soaping, then rinsing.  Another advantage in colder environments is that skin dries more quickly from the wipes than when using water and soap (unless a towel is also packed, with the resultant additional space penalty).  Infantry, especially light infantry, don't want to pack any extra gear.  We have plenty to carry already!

Skin wipes come in larger tub containers and smaller travel packs.  The travel packs are especially convenient to toss in day packs or slip in cargo pockets.  One of my favorite travel packs is the CVS brand unscented Soft Cloths Supreme.  These are sturdy, inexpensive (about $1) wipes with little scent.

For those of us not in the field, skin wipes are still very useful.  Most of us spend a lot of our day at work.  A quick swipe with a wipe can keep you feeling fresh (and feeling good is an important thing!), and keep your skin clean.  Wipes are always in my carry-on bag when I travel, along with a watch cap or scarf, toothbrush and paste, and earplugs.  If you are ever separated from the rest of your luggage, you will appreciate having these!  Wipes are also important to use immediately after shooting, to remove lead and powder residue

Skin wipes- inexpensive and useful kit.  Keep them handy.


  1. I buy them by the case... I keep at least one unopened pack in the truck, in addition to the ones in the jump kit.

  2. For sure no range bag should be without them.