Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Udaloy I Class

A "mini task force" of a tanker, a salvage tugboat, and the destroyer Admiral Panteleyev sailed from Vladivostock in late March, according to the Russian News & Information Agency. The mission was anti-piracy around the Horn of Africa.

The Admiral Panteleyev is an Udaloy I class destroyer. Known as Project 1155 to the Russian Navy, Udaloys are equipped with a dual main 100mm gun, SS-N-14 antisub/antisurface missiles, SA-N-9 anti-air missiles, and 2 SA-N-11 AAM/30mm cannon close-in air defense systems. Udaloys also mount 8 21-inch torpedo tubes and 2 RBU-6000 anti-submarine systems.

On 29 April, the Admiral Panteleyev captured an apparent pirate vessel 15 miles from the Somali coast. 7 Kalashnikov automatic weapons, handguns, and a ladder were seized, along with 29 suspected pirates.

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  1. Now we'll see (maybe) if the Russians handle it the same way they did in the 70's :-)